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The three elements of our strategy

We are committed to driving long-term shareholder value by focusing on data and analytics, driving profitable growth and optimising capital efficiency.

Focus on data and analytics

At the heart of what Experian does is the ownership and operation of very large and comprehensive consumer and commercial data assets. From these we are able to extract significant extra value by applying our own proprietary analytics and software. This combination of data and analytics is a key differentiator for Experian.

Drive profitable growth

We seek to create value by investing in our business for growth. At the heart of our strategy is the global growth programme through which we extend our presence into new customer segments, expand geographically and invest in new products. We are careful to prioritise our investments in order to achieve the maximum returns on the investments that we make.

Optimise capital efficiency

Experian is committed to maintaining a prudent, flexible and efficient balance sheet. We aim to use our strong cash flow wisely by reinvesting in the business to retain competitive advantage. We will seek to make targeted acquisitions where they fit our strategy and meet our financial hurdles, and we will evaluate additional opportunities for returning surplus cash (via dividends or share repurchases) to shareholders as they arise.

For further information on our approach to strategy see our 2013 Annual Report.